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Project research fellow in School of Mathematics at Korean Institute for Advanced Study ( KIAS )

Email : seonhwa17kim_circledAT_kias_DOT_re_DOT_kr ( or _gmail_DOT_com)
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Address : Room 8202, KIAS, 85 Hoegiro, Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul 02455, South Korea
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I am studying about 3-dimensional geometry and topology, in particular, focusing on the relation between quantum invariants and SL(2,C)-representation. Moreover, I am interested in everything related to the diagrams of knots, links, polyhedra and knotted graphs.

I am maintaining a database of parabolic representations of knots up to 11 crossings at


  • Youngjin Bae, Seonhwa Kim, Yong-Geun Oh, "Formality of Floer complex of the ideal boundary of hyperbolic knot complement", arXiv:1901.02258, The Asian Journal of Mathematics (to be appeared)

  • Yunhi Cho, Seonhwa Kim, "Volume of hypercubes clipped by hyperplanes and combinatorial identities" , arXiv:1512.07768, The Electronic Journal of Linear Algebra, Vol. 36 (2020), No. 36, pp. 228--255.

  • Byung Hee An, Youngjin Bae, Seonhwa Kim, "Legendrian singular links and singular connected sums", arXiv:1503.00818 , Journal of Symplectic Geometry, Vol. 17 (2018), No. 04, pp. 885--930.

  • Hyuk Kim, Seonhwa Kim, Seokbeom Yoon, "Octahedral developing of knot complement I: pseudo-hyperbolic structure" arXiv:1612.02928, Geometriae Dedicata, Vol 197 (2018), No. 01, pp. 123--172.

  • Jinseok Cho, Hyuk Kim, Seonhwa Kim, "Optimistic limits of Kashaev invariants and complex volumes of hyperbolic links" arXiv:1301.6219, Journal of Knot Theory and Its Ramifications Vol. 23 (2014), No. 09.

  • Seonhwa Kim, "Hyperbolic volume potential functions and knotted graph compliments", Ph.D thesis, Seoul National University.

  • Preprints

  • Dongmin Gang, Seonhwa Kim, Seokbeom Yoom, "Adjoint Reidemeister torsions from wrapped M5-branes" arXiv:1911.10718 .

  • Hyuk Kim, Seonhwa Kim, Seokbeom Yoon, "Octahedral developing of knot complement II: Ptolemy coordinates and applications" arXiv:1904.06622 .

  • Youngjin Bae, Seonhwa Kim, Yong-Geun Oh, "A wrapped Fukaya category of knot complement" arXiv:1901.02239 .

  • Yunhi Cho, Seonhwa Kim, "A classification of polyhedral graph by combinatorially rigid vertices" arXiv:1610.06425 .

  • Yunhi Cho, Hyuk Kim, Seonhwa Kim, Seokbeom Yoon, "Parabolic SL(2,C) representations by knot diagram: computation up to 11 crossings" , in preperation.

  • Seonhwa Kim, Insung Park, "Octahedral developing of knot complement III: Simplicial polyhedralization and solution variety", in preperation.

  • Yunhi Cho, Seonhwa Kim "On the global rigidity of polyhedra by edge lengths and dihedral angels", in preperation.

  • Conference/workshop organizations

  • Dec. 2015, Winter School on Volume conjecture, Chern-Simons theory and Knot Contact homology
  • May. 2015, First Encounter to Quantum Topology at KIAS; preschool(13-14), school(15-18) and workshop(20-22) .
  • Aug. 2014, Seoul ICM 2014, Web \& Electronic Communications organizing committee, ( the directior for VOD production)

  • Conferences

  • 2019, Quantum Topology and Hyperbolic Geometry Conference:
  • 2016, Volume Conjecture and Quantum Topology:
  • 2014, Geometry, Quantum Topology and Asymptotics:
  • 2013, Geometric Topology in New York:

  • Miscellaneous

  • Softwares computing hyperbolic volume: SnapPEA, Snap and SnapPy
  • Prof. Hyuk Kim's Lecture notes (2003~2012).
  • SNU seminars on hyperbolic volumes

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